Saturday, November 29, 2008

Haute Couture Designer Merlin Castell Enhances Fashion With His Covertible Dress


Haute Couture designer Merlin Castell
enhances fashion with his Convertible Dress!
His designs have strutted every major runway from LA to New York City. Fashion guru Merlin Castell, premieres his fabulous Day-Evening Wear collection. Each garment from Merlin’s collection will leave you stunning and wanting to strut your stuff on the catwalk; but it is the rosy, convertible dress that leaves you ready for either a night out on the town or a glamorous evening filled with pizzazz.
The convertible dress is perfect for any woman who wants to look elegantly beautiful. All six designs are made of silk chiffon, char mouse and organza; enhancing your curves and hanging elegantly from your body.
This dress highlights your shoulders with it’s strapless design. The embroidered patterns of silk and simple lines and a classic open skirt, dazzles every woman and will make her feel like the perfect glamour queen.
What sets this dress apart from the rest is its convertible skirt. The attached skirt is fashionably designed to dress you up for a wedding one moment, and detaching the skirt prepares you for an elegant night on the town.
The stylish designs of this superb maestro of haute couture, aim to highlight today’s woman: intrepid, intelligent, bold and of course beautiful; all while being swathed in textures, colors and patterns that leave you red carpet ready.
Merlin calls the Convertible Dress, “The best buy of the Century.” He let his imagination and creativity fly to achieve beauty, designing this piece with the intention of leaving every woman feeling and looking gorgeous and dazzling.
“I love couture, what’s not to love about it?”
With only a handful of true couturiers around the globe, Merlin Castell designs are sure to take your breath away.
If you’re a woman who loves to look glamorously superior and appreciates exclusive, high-end apparel leaving you trendy and feeling stunning like an enchanted angel; then dress yourself in Merlin Castell fashions. His one of a kind, made to order garments are sealed with a kiss and will transform your every step into a mythical catwalk.

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