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Haute Couture Designer Merlin Castell Enhances Fashion With His Covertible Dress


Haute Couture designer Merlin Castell
enhances fashion with his Convertible Dress!
His designs have strutted every major runway from LA to New York City. Fashion guru Merlin Castell, premieres his fabulous Day-Evening Wear collection. Each garment from Merlin’s collection will leave you stunning and wanting to strut your stuff on the catwalk; but it is the rosy, convertible dress that leaves you ready for either a night out on the town or a glamorous evening filled with pizzazz.
The convertible dress is perfect for any woman who wants to look elegantly beautiful. All six designs are made of silk chiffon, char mouse and organza; enhancing your curves and hanging elegantly from your body.
This dress highlights your shoulders with it’s strapless design. The embroidered patterns of silk and simple lines and a classic open skirt, dazzles every woman and will make her feel like the perfect glamour queen.
What sets this dress apart from the rest is its convertible skirt. The attached skirt is fashionably designed to dress you up for a wedding one moment, and detaching the skirt prepares you for an elegant night on the town.
The stylish designs of this superb maestro of haute couture, aim to highlight today’s woman: intrepid, intelligent, bold and of course beautiful; all while being swathed in textures, colors and patterns that leave you red carpet ready.
Merlin calls the Convertible Dress, “The best buy of the Century.” He let his imagination and creativity fly to achieve beauty, designing this piece with the intention of leaving every woman feeling and looking gorgeous and dazzling.
“I love couture, what’s not to love about it?”
With only a handful of true couturiers around the globe, Merlin Castell designs are sure to take your breath away.
If you’re a woman who loves to look glamorously superior and appreciates exclusive, high-end apparel leaving you trendy and feeling stunning like an enchanted angel; then dress yourself in Merlin Castell fashions. His one of a kind, made to order garments are sealed with a kiss and will transform your every step into a mythical catwalk.

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Iconic Merlin Castell Publicity Photo Shoot By Chris Ford

Publicity photo shoot for fashion icon, Merlin Castell by Christopher "MOJO" Ford of fotoMOJO, LLC at the Red Door Studio in Los Angeles, CA.


Chris Ford and Gary Berry President/CEO of Merlin Castell LLC. teamed up to create IKONIK a once a month fashion magazine

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Convertible Couture By Merlin Castell

Only a legendary haute couture designer can create one dress that is not only stunning, but ready for you to wear out to an early night in the city, and end with an evening of luxury, glamour and beautiful people. He goes by the name Merlin Castell. Hailing from Honduras with the passion to design since he was a young child, you can thank Merlin for the creation of the one-of-a-kind convertible dress. It’s a dress that converts from a lovely gown that’s perfect for a wedding, to an elegant, above-the-knee dress that is ideal for a night of cocktails.
This high end garment will bring out your romantic side. Made of silk chiffon, charmouse and organza, Merlin designed this lovely piece with the intention of enhancing women’s curves, letting the silk hang from their body elegantly.
What he calls, “The best buy of the century,” his couture garment enhances the appeal and romance in every woman with its convertible skirt, making it ready to wear for a wedding or an evening filled with divine city lights and delicious cocktails.
The gallery also shows images from Merlin’s galactic fashion show. The slideshow below highlights some of the most interested convertible and transformer fashion on the site. Los Angeles, CA- designer Merlin Castell is best known for his Haute Couture Tailored Clothing. Crafted from luxurious fabrics, his pieces are popular with trendsetters, celebrities in music, film and television. The Merlin Castell line is hip and has become one of the most talked about collections. Born in Honduras, Castell has been featured in national and regional press in print and television. His designer duds have been featured on shows such as: LATV, The Insider ,Wealth TV’s what To Wear, Univision’s Nationally Syndicated Program “Premier Impacto“, Telemundos Nationally Syndicated Program “Al Rojo Vivo” , and most recently Oxygen network’s, “The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency.” (merlincastell)

Fashion Icon Merlin Castell Whipe Janice Dickinson's Models Into Shape Press Release

“Fashion Icon Whips Janice Dickinson’s Model’s Into Shape”

Los Angeles Ca: Fashion Icon cracks the whip. Scene stealer Merlin Castell to appear this season on OXYGEN NETWORK’S “The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency” In this show stopping performance Castell literally hade Janice Dickinson on her knees when she realized that Fashion Icon Merlin Castell was going to appear on her show. Janice originally thought Castell was hired by the producer as an actor when she realized Castell was a highly respected designer her jaw dropped as she pilled water all over the designer cashmere jumpsuit with her trembling hands she offered her apologies and she knew her dream finally came true in her bigger vision to have her agency known for her high fashion runway models. This would prove to be the highest rated episodes to date. In this highly anticipated episode Castell showed up full force with whip in tow in he’s 4 inch stiletto hills took he’s runway bow in a white jumpsuit and white turban Set to air September 30 at 10:00 pm.

Just a few years ago Honduran born Merlin Castell was a virtually unknown name in the fashion business. And now Castell is hub knobbing with the rich and famous dubbed the new “Promise” in the international world of fashion. He has captured the focus and attention of the international press. Do to he’s incalculable talent. Castell latest collection called “Galactic” superstars was inspired by the movie “Barbarella” With the extravagate taste of the incomparable John Galliano. Castell defines him self as a chameleon. One who re invents him self every season. Because of this, he has been recognized in the competitive world of fashion.

Since 2002 after graduating from the prestige’s fashion college Marangoni in Milan Italy. Castell has been fighting to establish he’s fashion label with constant imagination. Celebrities like “Janice Dickinson, Paris Hilton, Maria Conchita Alonso, Carlos Santana, Paula Abdul, Spice Girl Mel B, Priscilla Presley, Karina Smirnoff” Has fallen under he’s spell. Castell is defined by the press as “The magician of fashion. My life is like a fairy tale “I’m the Cinderella of fashion” says Castell humbly. The one who can transform himself into a prince. But people don’t know the real story behind the fantasy. Castell sees the future with he’s feet on the ground. He’s vision for this collection was a sharp stronger silhouette independent more adventures women. Like “Barbarella”? This namesake movie was characterized by Oscar winner Jane Fonda, in the late 60’s. Which was debuted on “The Janice Dickinson Show?”

Merlin Castell newest collection in bodies a smart woman who in every challenge is successful and victorious. Merlin’s designs appeal to an a executive women, But can be wore by the every day women as portrayed on the popular TV show “Sex And The City” high society ladies who can afford to buy Valentino, Channel but choose to wear original Merlin Castell designs.

Designer Merlin Castell Returns to Janice Dickenson’s TV Show! Enter to Win an Exclusive Merlin Castell Outfit!!

Designer Merlin Castell Returns to Janice Dickenson’s TV Show! Enter to Win an Exclusive Merlin Castell Outfit!!

We all know Janice Dickinson and how outrageous she can be. She pushes the envelope unlike any other. She returns to her reality TV show with a new group of models.
Fashion designer Merlin Castell returns for a repeat performance to find the perfect group of models to work his fashion show. However not everything is easy or a bed of roses with this group as is seen in this peek into the episode.

Win an ensemble from Merlin Castell’s Fall/Winter 08-09 Women’s Collection. Featured in a recent episode of The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, Merlin’s designs truly inspire! Enter now for your chance to win some exclusive designer duds! Sweeps will be live 630p 9/30 - 10/21 at midnight
Enter to win at the link below!
Good luck and if you win the outfit from Merlin Castell, I want to see a photo of YOU in it!!
Stevie Wilson

Super-Model Janice Dickenson & Designer Merlin Castell Team Up for “Galactic Superstars Fashion Show”!! Check It Out!!

Super-Model Janice Dickenson & Designer Merlin Castell Team Up for “Galactic Superstars Fashion Show”!! Check It Out!!
Noted fashion designer Merlin Castellhas teamed up with super-model Janice Dickenson for an extravaganza of a fashion show for Dickenson’s reality show. This amazing event is the most high-impact couture fashion event to debut during Season 4 of The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency Show on Oxygen, as Merlin Castell gives us a Galactic Superstars Fashion Show. Filmed by The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency Show, the fashion show headlined by The Janice Dickinson Agency Models will feature a full collection from Merlin Castell’s woven magic.
This fashion show will feature entertainment by Luz Rios, appearance by Dancing with the Stars’ Karina Smirnoff
Janice Dickinson, Tracy Bingham, Cyndi Lauper, Jeremy Jackson and the fashion industries tastemakers and VIPs will be attending this runway show.Corporate sponsors include ET Entertainment Tonight, Wealth TV, E!
For additional information or reservations please contact amazing event is scheduled for June 18, 2008 at GOA in Hollywood.
WHERE GOA Nightclub 1615 Cahuenga Blvd Hollywood, CA 90028
Merlin Castell was voted “One of the Top Designers to Watch Out For” and has woven “fashion magic” for such diverse celebrities like John Leguizamo, Tracy Bingham, Maria Conchita Alonso, Carlos Santana, Paris Hilton, “The Insiders ” Victoria Recano, Paula Abdul, Christian Delafuente, “Spice Girl” Melanie Brown, Priscilla Presley, and “Dancing with the Stars’” Karina Smirnoff “. To put it plainly, Merlin’s cast a spell on Hollywood’s entertainment elite!
Now if you want to part and “par-tay” with this party, get your plastic handy and call this number for reservations or information: contact
See you at the party! This designer is a wizard!!
Stevie Wilson

Image Creators: FotoMOJO - Fashion Photography Genius

October 27, 2008
Image Creators: FotoMOJO - Fashion Photography Genius

Fashion photographer Christopher Ford uses mojo to get the hottest fashion shots. Ford, a Los Angeles fashion photographer, became known as “Mojo” for his uncanny ability to create a vibe or a chemistry where ever he goes. Ford picked up photography as a serious hobby in 2003 then left his legal career and moved into professional photography in 2004, establishing his namesake, fotoMOJO ( in San Francisco, CA. Though Ford’s work has always been inspired and influenced by fashion, he claims he isn’t himself a fashionista.
“I just recognize good fashion when I see it,” says Ford, 39 and with his own trendy style, wears spiked hair, aviator sunglasses, and a long-sleeve collared shirt, only half tucked into a pair of hip-hugging, gingham checked trousers from H&M. “But, good fashion, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.”
His style is nothing less than unique with a perspective that details color and texture, while capitalizing on dramatic shadow depth. It leaves a visceral and lasting impression that viewers connect with, and each piece of work he creates becomes a deeply personal portrait. “Clothing is art; it has a life of its own that reflects the personality of the designer. You can feel it.” Says Ford, speaking of the method to his photographic wizardry.

In early April, 2008, Ford orchestrated “Mode.électrique - A Couture Editorial”, a feature editorial exposé of The Pink Line by Baily Rose, a Denver, CO “street couture” designer (photo above). He placed four models on the rough terrain of a San Francisco Bay Area power plant to create what he pens, “a Euro-style fashion editorial with a French influence.” Ford’s science fiction creations on mode.électrique appeared in print ads and clothing labels for the line.
David Durkee (, long-time friend to Ford, provided production assistance for the mode.électrique project. Durkee said, “the set was brilliant, and the talent worked very hard. We traveled a distance, and it was freezing cold, but the team pulled together to bring Chris' big ideas into reality and he got the great shots.”

Driven by his passion, Ford relocated his studio to Los Angeles in September, to be closer to California’s fashion and entertainment industries. Within three weeks of his arrival, he was commissioned by celebrity fashion designer, Merlin Castell ( to produce a set of publicity photos for the designer (featured above and below).

Ford admits he has a special place in his heart for haute couture, and Castell certainly resonates in the arena. Recently featured on the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency show (Oxygen / Tuesday nights), Castell and his designs have appeared on Eye on LA, The Insider, Premier Impacto, Dancing with the Stars, on red carpets at just about every gala Hollywood event, and in print in Bello, Vicious and many others. His lavish designs are made-to-order and have been sold direct, at Saks Fifth Avenue, as well as in high-end boutiques.
"Although my clothing was first for men, women were buying it. It was amazing, so I had to move into the heavy competition, designing clothing for women," states the Honduran born designer, Castell.
In spring, Castell will launch his new clothing line which includes a dress that can be used for a formal dinner or turned into an elegant garment for a cocktail party...and you KNOW I can't wait to see that!
Castell and Ford have already begun collaborating photo shoot concepts for the Spring collection. “I am very excited to work with Merlin again, and this time, exploring his beautiful designs with my camera,” says Ford. “After only a few weeks, I’ve been commissioned by a fashion icon - that’s big, very big. The energy drives me to push harder, and it just tells me that if you really work hard, despite tragedy, the possibilities really are endless.”