Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Doing It With Style

DOING IT WITH STYLE: Merlin Castell has become a breakout star on Bravo's hit "The Fashion Show," thanks to his luxurious designs and eccentric personality, and now he's looking to take his pieces to the next level.

"I haven't had the opportunity to dress the real, real celebrities that I want to dress, but I will. I am on my way there," says the Latin designer. "I get thousands of calls from people who say, 'Oh, my name is on this show. Can you dress me for this event?' I'm sorry, but I don't do that. My pieces are one of a kind. If I'm going to be dressing somebody, it has to be an A-lister.

"My dream is to dress somebody like Nicole Kidman. I would love to dress her! It might not happen for 10 years, but I don't care. I'm patient," he adds with a laugh.

When asked if he was surprised about not winning the show, Merlin responds no. "I wasn't expecting it because I know my market is not the market they are targeting. I was trying to stay in there as long as I could," says Merlin, who was asked back to the finale as a fashion expert. "It's been a really great experience. It's totally changed my life, so I'm glad I did it.

"Plus, it showcased who I really am. With the way I dress and the way I look, people think I just want to be a character for TV. No, no, no! That's Merlin! That's me," he claims. "With me, people either loved me or hated me -- there was no in-between. If they get to know me, though, they get to love me!

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