Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Merlin Castell Gets VERY Creative With Pop Chips Bags.

Fashion designer and creative genius, Merlin Castell has accomplished an amazing feat. Who knew he was so eco-friendly and a “green” genius to boot?

Merlin Castell, fashion designer
He created 2 different dresses from Pop Chip bags.
Here’s the short dress in editorial!

Here it is without any distractions so you can take a better look at it.

Check out the details!!

Here is the full-length dress. This is incredible.

For those of you seeking a better look at the details of this amazing fashion confection (or snack).

Check out the fish-tail hem on this one! WOW!!!

I don’t know if anyone will be wearing them for the Academy Awards Red Carpet, but it would make quite the splash (or maybe crunch is a better word for Pop Chip dresses)

Newsflash: Just got this by email: These fabulous Merlin Castell dresses will be auctioned off on Ebay.com with a portion of the proceeds to benefit the Trevor Project.

Stevie Wilson, LA-Story.com

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