Saturday, July 4, 2009

Congrats and Bye-bye

And our Chicken Diva goes home. We are both sad and at the same time very, very confused. To our eyes, there is way more good going on with this outfit than there is bad. And there were FAR worse outfits on that runway.Let's start with that coat, which we think is amazing, but the judges nit-picked to death.Beautiful color, amazingly well-executed with lots of detailing. The judges acted as if there was way too much, but have they seen some of the coats out there lately? There's a pocket and a compartment for every possible item one could conceivably leave the house with.And we thought he did a great take on the unfortunate American habit of traveling in sweat suits.It was chic and looked great on her and also had some great detailing. On top of everything else, it was practical.As a traveling outfit, it afforded her some comfort while still looking chic and she had compartments all over her clothing for everything from tickets to breath mints. What else do you need? Maybe he should have added some compartments for holding her shoes. The judges love that sort of shit.The ONLY part of the outfit that undeniably sucked were those ridiculous pants with their ballooning knees. We understand that they were SO awful that they may have overrided most of the outfit's good points, but the judges completely overreacted to them.And why did the judges completely overreact to this outfit? Because the crowd of "fashion insiders" did. That's probably our biggest complaint about the show, the judges are forced to restrict their decisions to whichever garments got the lowest and highest scores, which means by definition, the judges are forced to judge their way around other people's decisions and criteria. It's a murky process made doubly so because we have no idea who the vast majority of these people are (except for a shot of maybe 6 or so every episode) and we have no idea what information they've been given about the challenge and what the designers were required to do. "90% of the audience said they wouldn't buy your outfit." Well, okay. Who the fuck are they, then?

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Angel said...

I totally agree with you, I though the jacket was fantastic, chic and practical. The sweat suit was young and funky. The only problem was the knees on the trousers. And it looked very well made.

I was so sad to see Merlin go as he is so talented and charming.