Saturday, July 4, 2009

Exclusive Interview: Merlin from Bravo’s The Fashion Show

We just wrapped up our interview with designer Merlin from The Fashion Show and, boy, did he have a lot to say! During last night’s elimination, the judges criticized Merlin for being too ambitious in his “busy” design and, ultimately, they just weren’t buying his traveling sweat suit. The judges said bon voyage to Merlin, but he refuses to let the sun set on his dreams. Read on to hear Merlin’s point of view.SO!: Do you think your fate in the competition would have changed had you drawn a different tarot card?
M: No. When I pulled that card, I knew I was out. I didn’t want to waste my energy trying to fight it. I accepted my fate. I believe in destiny - it is why I am here, in this country.
SO!: You scolded some of the other designers for playing it too safe in their designs. What type of risks would you like to have seen the other designers take in their creations?
M: The only person that was playing with his designs and trying to experiment was James Paul. He was trying to find himself. The other designers don’t have an identity - they’re trying to be too commercial. They are so proud of the schools that they went to and brag about their experiences, but they don’t even know how to sew.
SO!: The judges seemed to like the color scheme and concept of your garment, but were overwhelmed with the functionality and “busy-ness.” If you could go back and rework your design, what would you do differently?
M: If you play it safe, you are not going to be memorable or make a point. I have to be happy with who I am. I can’t spend my life trying to please other people. You only live once and have to do what you feel and say what you feel.
SO!: What did being on The Fashion Show mean to you as a designer and did you get everything out of it that you had set out to?
M: It was like rehab for me.
SO!: What’s next for you as a designer?
M: I am working on a spring/summer collection right now. I am going back to my country this summer to put on a fashion show there. I am booked for the next two years, and I am so happy.

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