Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fashion Visionary Merlin Castell Attempts Womens Wear Wizardy

Photography: Christopher Ford, fotoMOJO, LLC
Location: The Red Door Studio, Los Angeles, CA

Merlin in the NewsChristopher Ford Takes Aim at High FashionYou've seen him on the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency show (Oxygen / Tuesday nights), Eye on LA, The Insider, Premier Impacto, and on the red carpet at just about every gala Hollywood event. His designs have strutted every major runway from LA to San Francisco... to Atlantis and the Galactic. His designs are glamorous, trendy yet classic - something from an Enchanted Neverland - and still all the while functional. He's extreme and driven by a passion, and still grounded by his Honduran roots.
His one-of-kind, made-to-order, hand-made garments are sealed with a kiss and come to a life of their own - breathing in their owners and transforming their every step into a mythical catwalk that would bring the likes of Tolkein to an awestruck stammer. Some call him a magician, and others a wizard. His name befitting, he is called Merlin, and to those in the know, they call him Merlin Castell - Fashion Icon; and standing five-feet-four, he's larger than life, with a presence that preceeds him from the next zip code over.I love couture - what's not to love about it? And, with only a handful of true couturièrs around the globe, it is quite the honor to be given a rare opportunity to be in one's company. That honor was given to me last Friday, when I met the (in)famous Merlin Castell, head designer and Gary Berry, President / CEO of Merlin Castell of West Hollywood for a publicity photo shoot at the beautiful Red Door Studio in Downtown Los Angeles, where we joined the ranks of HBO, Playboy and a long list of uber-talented photographers and film makers alike.And, just as Merlin's designs are sure to take the breath away, this publicity set is a must-see. Merlin sported four absolutely riveting outfits for the shoot, and brought with him a charasmatic, extremely powerful, yet undeniably lovable and friendly personality that is the basis of his truly humble character. Stunning and powerful, glamorous and commanding, but with a beaming smile and genuine altruistic concern for those who might be so fortunate to wear his art.
I am so excited to share with you the final photos from this half-day photo shoot! Enjoy the slideshow and be whisked away to the Magical World of Merlin Castell, where you'll find a little mystery, a hint of whimsy, and a glimpse into the mind of a true Fashion Icon. While, as they say, what happens behind The Red Door, stays behind the red door, there's always an exception, and this time Fashion Magician meets Mojo - this is just too good to keep to ourselves! Please join me in welcoming Merlin Castell into my own enchanted, magical world of Mojo... two Wizards worked our magic on Friday, October 10, 2008, and the result is beyond spellbound!

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