Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Fashion Visionary Merlin Castell Attempts Women's Wear Wizardry with New Revolutionary Multi-Use Garment Line

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Oct. 21 /PRNewswire/ --

The fabulous
Day-Evening Wear collection, by the fashion guru Merlin Castell, is made from silk because, as Castell maintains, the material caresses the women's skin and hangs elegantly, enhancing her curves. This diverse Evening Wear collection is daring, bold, sensual and elegant ... Red is the key color of this spring collection dresses with embroidered patterns in the same material, strapless with simple lines and a classic open skirt are the main
characteristics of the new glamour queens. All with a convertible skirt, it is a practical and original dress design. (http://www.merlincastell.com/) The fabulous genuine designs are being held as the best buy of the century: original, practical ... fabulous. The beautiful designs of this superb maestro of haute couture aim to bring out the beauty of today's woman: intrepid, intelligent, bold, and beautiful. Swathed in textures, colors and patterns, Merlin lets his imagination and creativity fly to achieve what he wants.

You've seen him on the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency show (Oxygen /
Tuesday nights), Eye on LA, The Insider, Premier Impacto,
(http://www.youtube.com/merlincastell) and on the red carpet at just about
every gala Hollywood event. His designs have strutted every major runway
from LA to New York City. His designs are glamorous, trendy yet classic --
something from an Enchanted Never land -- and still all the while
functional. He's extreme and driven by a passion, and still grounded by his
Honduran roots. His one-of-kind, made-to-order, hand-made garments are
sealed with a kiss and come to a life of their own -- breathing in their
owners and transforming their every step into a mythical catwalk that would
bring the likes of Anna Wintour (Editor-in-Chief, U.S. Vogue) to an
awestruck stammer. Some call him a magician, and others a wizard. His name
befitting, he is called Merlin, and to those in the know, they call him
Merlin Castell - Fashion Icon; and standing five-feet-four, he's larger
than life, with a presence that precedes him.

"I love couture - what's not to love about it?" Castell says. And, with
only a handful of true couturiers around the globe, Merlin Castell Designs
are sure to take your breath away, this collection is a must-see.
Charismatic, extremely powerful, yet undeniably lovable and a friendly
personality that is the basis of his truly humble character. Stunning and
powerful, glamorous and commanding, but with a beaming smile and genuine
altruistic concern for those who might be so fortunate to wear his art.

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